One of the best things about BodyBloom Massage is the fact that Peggy always takes the time to sit and catch up with you on what is going on in your life before you start your actual appointment. It makes it very welcoming and warm and really puts you at ease which totally sets the tone for your time there. ~Kelly J.

My Story

Your Massage Therapist, Peggy FinneganIt’s an amazing feeling when you know that you’re right where you’re meant to be. That’s how I feel while caring for clients in my massage studio… totally grounded in the moment and incredibly grateful.  I love working with my hands, feeling the connection & energy that massage creates and knowing that I’m helping someone to feel better & live healthier. This focus enriches my bodywork and helps to make each and every massage special.

As a professional massage therapist licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board, I serve others by easing the aches & pains of everyday life brought on by injuries, activities or aging; and the negative effects of stressful jobs & hectic lifestyles. I provide nurturing touch and remind clients to breathe deeply while I work to release muscles & soothe nerves…always with the intent to help body, mind & spirit return to a place of balance.

Expanding my knowledge & skills is an ongoing commitment for me.  So far I’ve completed over 270 hours of continuing education and I’m always excited about the next opportunity to learn & grow. This is definitely reflected in my massage style which is a fusion of many techniques depending on my clients’ needs.

My husband and I live in Peninsula with our crazy kitties. We enjoy a close knit family including four wonderful grandchildren. When not giving a massage or studying new techniques I can be found catching up with friends, practicing yoga, volunteering, hiking in the national park or traveling the world.

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. ~The Dalai Lama


R & R rejuvenates the body, mind, & spirit

Getting Personal

• I see the good in everyone I meet
• My friends say I’m loyal and true
• Incurable night owl
• Big softie when it comes to animals

Things I Love

• Colors & patterns in the world around us
• Camping under a crescent moon
• Ripe avocado on crunchy toast
• The Shawshank Redemption

Now that I’ve shared, I hope you’ll consider scheduling your personalized appointment soon. Massage is not a magic fix, however it is a proactive choice for your health and wellness regimen.

Be well,