She truly cares about her clients and you can tell from the moment you meet her. She continually goes above and beyond ensuring that your total experience is the greatest. ~Laura G

Make the most out of every massage

Helpful tips for massage day

Before your massage:
• Try a relaxing bath or shower.
• Limit consumption of caffeine, sugar & other stimulants.
• Avoid drinking alcohol or eating immediately before your massage.
• Cover minor cuts with a band-aid.
• Leave extra jewelry at home.
• If you enjoy facial massage then minimal or no makeup is a good idea.
• Arrive a few minutes early. If you rush in late it may take you longer to relax.
• Silence your cell phone if possible to allow for a true break from the outside world.

During your massage:
• Be as receptive and open to the massage process as possible.
• Disrobe only to your personal comfort level.
• Remember to breathe normally as breathing helps to facilitate relaxation.
• Relax your muscles and your mind. Tightening up by contracting or hardening your muscles during the massage is counterproductive.
• Talk, drift or sleep…it’s all normal.  Do whatever is most relaxing for you.
• Give feedback to your massage therapist during the massage on the amount of pressure, speed of hand movement, temperature of the table and your overall comfort.
• If anything happens that you dislike or seems improper, you have the right to ask the massage therapist to stop.  If necessary, you also have the right to end the session.

After your massage:
• Plan for down time to savor the relaxing benefits.
• Increase your water intake for the next 24hrs to stay hydrated and help flush toxins from the body.
• Limit alcohol & caffeine intake as they further dehydrate your body.
• Get plenty of rest.
• Let your therapist know how you’re feeling afterwards.
• Follow up with another appointment soon as the effects of massage are cumulative, excess toxins released during massage. so the closer the visits are to one another the better the body responds.

Policies & Procedures

It is my intention to provide a professional & therapeutic massage experience to all clients. Let me know if you have questions about my policies or procedures. Thank you. -Peggy

Prior to Your Massage

The following forms are designed to help us work together more easily. Please review/complete the forms below before your appointment.

New Client Health Intake Form: Print, complete and bring it to your first appointment.
Medical Clearance Form: If you have had recent surgery or treatment for a more serious condition, I may ask you to submit this form before booking a massage. If you have recently been under a physician’s care, print this form and have your doctor complete it to clear you for massage therapy.
Policies/Procedures: For your reference; no need to print this one.

Note: These are PDF documents. Download free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Arrival to Your Massage

Allow plenty of time before & after your massage. At BodyBloom I make every effort to stay on time and acknowledge your busy schedule. Try to arrive few minutes early. If you see the “In Session” sign is still hanging on my studio door, then just relax in the cozy upstairs waiting room until I’m ready for you.

Your 60 or 90 minute appointment refers to actual hands-on massage time. When considering your schedule, make sure to add on a minimum of 20 minutes for check-in, paperwork, consultation, restroom, disrobing, settling onto table, redressing, and checking out, so that you won’t feel rushed. Allow time after your massage to integrate yourself back into the world.

Cancellation and No Show Policy

It is not my policy to charge for cancellations. I believe that everyone who makes a massage appointment has a sincere desire to keep it. Please give 24 hours notice whenever possible so I may try to fill the vacated time slot. I understand that some last minute cancellations are unavoidable due to unforeseen circumstances, but please leave a message as soon as possible, REGARDLESS of the time. Call or text, but please don’t be a no show. Clients who do not call and simply fail to show up for appointments are “no-shows” and will be asked to prepay for future appointments.

Late Policy

If you arrive late, your session may still end at the originally scheduled time so the client following you is not penalized. If the schedule allows, I may be able to accommodate your full appointment. This will be at my discretion. Please call and leave a message if you’ll be more than 10 minutes late. The full massage rate will be charged either way.

If I am responsible for your session starting late, then I will always make up the time at the end of your massage. If that is not possible, I’ll reduce the fee accordingly or add the missed time onto your next appointment. Your choice.

Payment & Insurance

Payment is due at time of service. All prices include 6.75% local sales tax. I accept cash, check, and credit card. I do not accept insurance, but a prescription for massage written by your physician will exempt you from paying sales tax. I will also accept credit card payments by phone for gift certificates.

Health Information

Prior to each massage session, I will discuss the treatment plan with you. At your first appointment you will be asked to complete a New Client Health Intake Form. Clients who have not been seen for at least a year may also be asked to fill out this form.

Scope of Practice

As a licensed massage professional, I am held to the highest standards of the American Massage Therapy Association.

Massage therapy is a profession in which the Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) applies manual techniques, and may apply adjunctive therapies, with the intention of positively affecting the health & well-being of client.

Massage Therapists do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions nor are they allowed to provide treatment for a specific condition without a doctor’s supervision. The Massage Therapist is required to refer you for diagnosis and to follow the recommendations of your physician.

Respect for a client’s needs and boundaries

At your request I’m always happy to adjust pressure, temperature of the table or the room, music volume, work longer on an area or move on to other areas. Please let me know.

You may leave on as much clothing as needed for comfort, refuse any massage methods, stop massage at any time and are free to leave. The door is never locked.

You will always be modestly draped. Only the area being massaged will be undraped. You will be kept informed of the area to be massaged.

Occasionally an emotional response to massage occurs. If this happens, it is ok to express the feelings in this safe, nonjudgmental environment—or you may request privacy and end the session. You are in control.

Professional Boundaries

Requests for sexual activity will not be tolerated, will be viewed as solicitation, and reported to the proper authorities under the guidelines of the massage therapy policies & procedures. The session will end immediately and the client will not be welcomed back in the future.

The genital area will not be massaged under any circumstances. Permission will be asked before working close to this area; otherwise, a professional distance will be maintained. Also, hip and gluteal area will be massaged only with permission and can be worked through the draping if requested.

Sexual interaction or discussion of any kind between the client and massage therapist is NEVER appropriate. On rare occasions an involuntary sensual response to massage is natural and will subside on its own in a few moments.

Massage of clients younger than 18yrs old requires the presence of a parent or legal guardian during the entire session.

Confidentiality & Conversation

I acknowledge the confidential nature of the professional relationship with clients and respect each client’s right to privacy within the constraints of the law.

Information exchanged between massage therapist and client is confidential, including all written and spoken personal, health related and contact information shared during the consultation, as well as conversation while client is on the table. Client records are kept in a private file.

Some clients find it relaxing to chat during their massage, others doze off to sleep, most folks just relax completely and let their mind drift. Any one of these is fine, but please don’t feel like you need to “make conversation” with me. I’m perfectly content to concentrate on your muscles.

Existing and New Medical Conditions

It is your responsibility as the client to keep your massage therapist informed of any medical treatment currently being received, and to provide written permission from your physician, chiropractor, physical therapist, etc, that massage may be continued. You may download a Medical Clearance Form or your health provider may supply a form.

Keep your massage therapist informed of changes in health conditions. This is vitally important as there may be contraindications for massage.

The following situations are examples where one could have massage, but avoid certain areas of the body.

  • New Tattoos
  • Broken Bones
  • Tumors and Cancer (physician’s approval is required)
  • Varicose Veins
  • Sunburn
  • Cuts/Abrasions
  • Inflammation/Acute flare-ups (fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, injuries)

The following examples identify NO MASSAGE ALLOWED unless approved by a physician:

  • Fever
  • Contagious diseases to include cold or flu, even if it seems mild
  • Under the influence of alcohol or drugs, including prescription pain medication
  • Fever
  • Recent surgeries
  • Recent acute injuries
  • Skin Diseases
  • Cardiovascular (i.e. blood clots)

If you have any questions at all about whether or not massage is approved for your personal health issue, please call.

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